The Jaywick Tourist Board
"I get to relax, relax and chill..."


Welcome to the Jaywick Tourist Board. 

We're here to promote all that's best and brightest about this sunny little place on the Sunshine Coast of Essex.

Jaywick is a small settlement, tucked in between Clacton on Sea and the marshes and dunes of Colne Point. Built in the 1930’s as a holiday village of chalets for London’s East Enders it now has a year round population of people, as well as many visitors in caravans, enjoying the golden beaches of Jaywick Sands. It’s a great place to be on a sunny summer day when people stroll along the miles of sea walls, sit on the dunes or swim by the seaweed covered, boulder breakwaters.

In the morning, when the mist hasn’t quite cleared and the sun is breaking through, there is a white light that refracts in the water vapour and the place looks like nothing on earth. It’s at times like this when you can understand why some people think that this is Arcadia, a heavenly refuge from the stresses of modern life.

That’s not to say that Jaywick is perfect and some say that Jaywick is like marmite, you either love it or hate it. We think that most people will love it though when they visit and we can prove it ! We did a survey, here are just some of the reasons why people love Jaywick...

I love Jaywick because:

it's fun
of the beaches
I get to relax, relax, and chill
it has a fantastic beach and great walks whatever the weather
of the friends of Brooklands
it's relaxing and peaceful
it's very friendly and plenty to do
it has good cycle routes
it's relaxing
it used to be my local beach
it's usually sunny, nice friendly people and its flat
a friendly village with lots free for children
it has a sense of community
it has a strong community
it's not too commercial
of it's friendly atmosphere
it's quintessentially Essex
the people are friendly

Why not take a virtual tour of Jaywick to see and hear for your self...

Fishing Jaywick style

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